Human Trafficking in Haiti

In my women's studies class, we are focusing on the sex slavery and human trafficking around the world. To get a general, detailed glimpse about one of the most shocking crimes against humanity and women, we are reading Ben Skinner's A Crime So Monstrous. Not only should all feminists read it, all people should read it. As Americans, we are spoiled. We hear this all the time. But this book and this special by ABC makes us seem disgustingly selfish and ignorant.
While watching this in class, I looked around the room. Some girls were intrigued, some were looking down. What really hit me was the fact that it shocked them SO much. This has moved me and others to join Free The Slaves org to stop these crimes.

"This is too much for my brain," said a classmate of mine after watching the documentary and reading the book. Really? I thought. If this is too much for your brain, your brain obviously has not been exposed ENOUGH to the realities around you. We haven't even hit the female genital mutilation segment. This class was a huge wake up call to all the non-feminist, amazingly ignorant college students. And I love that. This is what we need more of in our education.

Here is the link to the special inspired by Skinner's book: Haiti Human Trafficking

Our teacher, a really smart witty modern feminist, talked to us about how next time you see a stripper, a prostitute, a sex worker, think to yourself, is this person here by choice? More likely than not, no. And if they were, most likely due to the lack of education and opportunity that could be preventable with the help of others who are willing to take two seconds out of their busy days. Although I could probably leave this out, she mentioned the "Donkey Shows" in Mexico and how many men in America go down to TJ just to see this, it made me sick to my stomach. These women are either drugged or forced to perform oral sex on these animals. THEY DO NOT WILLINGLY WANT TO. You are witnessing rape. A classmate lent her experiences with a story about her cousin going down to Mexico to do shady things and she spoke up against it. Please, speak up against anyone who tells you they are going to a sex entertainment place outside of America. (Or even in America, for that matter) These places not only perpetuate sexism and objectification, they are directly making a market to the sex slavery and sex trafficking. (I am not including the legal brothels in America, although they could have laws to regulate them better in interest of not the pimp but the prostitute and her well-being). Speak up, one person can make a difference by speaking up.

I perhaps should make this a seperate post, but Emma Thompson did an amazing installation art piece inspired by a former sex slave. Art DOES make a difference.

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Links to make a difference:
Free the Slaves
End Human Trafficking Now
Amnesty USA

There are plenty more ways, I just listed a few popular ones.

I snap my stockings to you #1

What a nice video to end the evening. Instead of tipping my hat, I snap my stockings to you Nineteen Percent! I wish I knew more young women such as yourself. Unfortunately, I only know girls who mindlessly listen to Jay-Z and Beyonce cause "they don't pay attention to the lyrics". rolls eyes

Russian Human Right's Activist Murdered

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Natalia Estemirova was murdered after she was kidnapped from her home. Please click the link, and send a letter to the president urging their government to do a thorough investigation of her murder. She was an amazing woman, human rights activist, and all around brave human being. Let her efforts and life not be in vain.

Age of Enlightened Sexism

Yes, this has been going around the blogsphere. Kanye's signature to end any respect toward women. I love this video (probably the only video of this vlogs, most of her seem uninformed criticisms which to me, misrepresent feminism even though she is a feminist), and this is a perfect example of 'Enlightened Sexism'. I came across this term in an old BUST issue I had, where one of the books by Susan J. Douglas discusses the issue. "Enlightened Sexism" is a seductive form of patriarchy that encourages women to behave as sex objects in celebration of their alleged sexual equality. She argues that the media teaches younger women that their only route to power is through pleasing men, being hot, competing with other women, and shopping."
I have always felt this way about modern sexism and now I finally have a wonderful term to describe it. That is exactly what Kanye's, and other musicians, "music" is promoting. Fetishism with women and taking their own liberated sexuality to only please themselves or their ideals of what a woman should be. In this case, dead corpses of women are sexy cause hey, they ain't talking back to me when I tell them to make me a sandwich! In a Feministing inspired statement,
heres a Feminist Fuck You.

Fuck you Kanye West.
Your bullshit antics and egotism is not charming.
You are not a God, or a demi-god.
Actually, you are not even a decent human being.
You're a self-centered, insecure, sex obsessed misogynist.
Your music sucks, you are un-original, and you will only be remembered for being a psychotic, self centered misogynist.
Stop making music. In fact, stop participating in the music industry all together.
We don't need your trash or your "shock" tactics.
Keep them to your uneducated, ill-hearted, drunk ass self.

(Calms back down)

Sadly, I feel Enlightened Sexism has have had a greater impact than we realize. Women are becoming more disassociated with being a woman. They feel they aren't apart of a sexist society, that everything is all fine an dandy as long as they are sexy, shop, and look like Kim K. Even more sadly, they believe "you can't change anyone's mind so I don't let sexism bother me." Well, sister, you should. Cause as a result, you are hurting the progress FOR YOUR OWN GENDER. If we had more women, even unaware feminists, speak up about bullshit like Kanye, he probably wouldn't exist in media. Thus, I nor other feminists would feel the rage we have.

Here's a wonderful video about feminism today. I especially glow when the interviewer makes a joke about women who do not label themselves as feminists, "I'm not a feminist... but I enjoy equal rights... I enjoy the fact my boyfriend can't abuse me... That I can go to college... That I have the right to do what I want in life..." 
The United States of Women

Natalie Dee, Without You, Where Would I Be?

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I'm so freaking cute and awesome.
Seriously? This has to be my favorite animal of all time. It's been my laptop's default picture for two years and finally FUPenguin has something to say about it. EFF U PENGUIN! Axolotl has the coolest name ever, plus it looks like a damn pokemon. Have a good weekend :)

Where No One has gone before!

Eff you Kirk and your sexist intro
Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

I've been obsessively watching Star Trek recently, more specifically Star Trek: The Next Generation and there has always been one thing I hadn't really given much thought but for "The Next Generation" they changed the original phrase from "Where no man has gone before" to "Where no one has gone before." It's nice to see that society has moved forward in the 24th century...TNG for the win.
That's one step for mankind humankind.